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Bridge-type CMMs

Industrial measuring technology from Carl Zeiss is a well-balanced system: from the measuring machine, to the sensors and software, all the way up to service. All single components and the entire system are designed to deliver the best possible results as quickly as possible.

PRISMO navigator

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PRISMO® is number one in the world for high-speed scanning in production. Accuracy, speed and outstanding resistance to ambient conditions are the trademarks of this measuring machine. The VAST® universal probe for multi-point or single-point measuring is used on PRISMO navigator and adjusts to each measuring task and quickly determines size, form and position in a single measuring run.
-   Key features
The precise result as fast as possible
 • All components support maximum precision during high-speed scanning
 • Also suitable for use on the shopfloor
 • ISC control provides high reliability and optimal controller action
 • With VAST navigator, measuring times are reduced to an absolute minimum
Machine technology
 • Extremely rigid, laterally driven light bridge
 • Table covers as well as fully enclosed X axis and Y drive axis
 • Glass ceramic scales
 • Passive elastomer vibration damping
 • S-CAA and D-CAA to compensate for static and dynamic bending effects
 •Integration of a rotary table as the 4th axis
 •Use of palletizing and loading systems
 •Accept® enclosure for inline use